Dental Insurance FAQ

At Health Guys, we understand that a lot of people have questions about dental insurance. We want to make sure that you have all the necessary information you need to make informed decisions about your dental care. What are some of the most common questions people ask about dental insurance, and what do you need to know?

Dental Insurance FAQs

Some of the most common questions that people ask us about dental insurance include:

1. Is dental insurance typically included with typical medical and health insurance?

No, dental insurance is typically not included with typical medical and health insurance. At the same time, there are some issues with your oral health that could be covered by your medical insurance. For example, if you require a surgical procedure that takes place in a hospital, it could be covered by medical insurance. You should take a look at the details of your health insurance plan to see what oral health issues might be covered.

2. Why do I need to buy dental insurance?

There are several reasons why you need to purchase dental insurance, but the biggest reason is that dental care can be expensive. If you have dental insurance, you may be able to save money on the cost of your oral care. Even if you are only getting your twice-yearly oral checkup, the price of this can be expensive if you do not have dental insurance. Then, in the event that there is something acutely wrong with your oral health, you might be able to save money on the cost of your visit to the dentist.

3. What do I need to think about when I am looking at different dental insurance policies?

There are lots of factors you need to think about when you are looking for dental insurance. For example, you need to take a look at the different dentists in your area who are included in your dental insurance plan. You also need to see whether your dental insurance plan has copays or coinsurance. You should also make sure that the cost of preventive care is covered by your dental insurance plan. You should factor your oral health into the equation when you are trying to decide which dental insurance plan to choose.

4. What is a fee schedule plan?

You may see that some dental insurance policies are categorized as a fee schedule plan. What this means is that the insurance company is going to reimburse the dentist a certain amount of money for different types of visits. Then, if there is any balance left on your bill after the insurance company has paid your dentist the prearranged amount, you will be responsible for paying for it out of pocket.

5. What is a PPO dental plan?

This is a specific type of dental insurance plan in which the person holding the policy is required to select a dentist from a specific network. For example, you may be required to pick a dentist from a prearranged list of dentists. Even though this can be a bit restrictive, you can save a significant amount of money on your dental care because a PPO insurance plan should cover the vast majority of your expenses. Before you select this type of plan, you need to take a look at the list of dentists available to make sure someone you want to see is included in the network.

6. Can I keep my current dentist if I decide to get dental insurance?

There is a good chance that you will be able to keep your current dentist if you decide to purchase dental insurance. If you want to keep the same dentist, you simply need to select an insurance plan that includes your dentist in the network. If you are looking for the best dental insurance policy that can help you stick with the same dentist you already have, you should reach out to an expert team that can help you. Our professionals will be happy to help you find a dental insurance plan to meet your needs.

Work With Health Guys to Find the Right Dental Insurance Policy to Meet Your Needs

Dental insurance could be a way for you to save significant amounts of money on the cost of your dental care. You need to compare all of the policies available to you before you decide which one is right for your needs. We are Health Guys, and we have a tremendous amount of experience working with individuals and families of all backgrounds. It would be our pleasure to use that experience to help you find the right dental insurance policy to meet your needs. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team, and let us help you find the right dental insurance policy for your family!