Medishare Faith Based Plans

faith based plans

Why Faith Based Plans?

Healthcare costs are rising, and you might need another alternative. HealthGuys is determined to provide our clients with unique plans that fit your life. Faith-Based Plans are a great alternative that will contribute to you and your family quality medical assistance at a lower cost.

ACA Exempt

Most insurance policies are required to coincide with the Affordable Care Act, which enacted these coverage packages must meet specific requirements or have a tax penalty applied. Faith-Based Health Plans are an alternative to insurance, often with lower costs, to provide you with coverage that applies to you, and only you. Faith-Based Plans from HealthGuys are exempt from ACA regulations, allowing our clients to lower their healthcare costs.

Benefits of a Faith Based Plan

The goal of HealthGuys is to provide our clients with the highest quality of medical support at the most effective rate possible. HealthGuys participate in selling Faith-Based Plans for their ability to provides those exact goals within their policies. Faith Based Plans will cover acute injury, illness, physical therapy, maternity costs, ambulance travel, hospital stays, and more. Call 866-Get-Health (866-438-4325) to learn more about these health plans.

Medishare Health Insurance and Medishare Group Plans

At Health Guys, our goal is to offer you the most comprehensive health insurance service with Medishare Group Plans in Dallas/Fort Worth and nationwide! Do not be hampered in your healthcare by government regulations. With faith based insurance, you can avoid the ACA regulations narrowing your choices and get the coverage that you think you need. We are happy to work with you to ensure you’re compliant with the law, and at the same time get the best healthcare for your needs. To find out more, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.