Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Why Travel Insurance in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Leaving home means leaving friends, family, and general practitioners. Make sure that wherever you are, care and are accessible. Not sure how travel insurance works? That’s okay! HealthGuys agents are well-versed and trained to find the right plan for you. Travel Insurance policies work outside your network, assuring medical care wherever you find yourself.

Coverage Benefits

You might have excellent health insurance, but those plans only cover certain regions. Having access to the correct medical assistance is crucial. Traveling is an experience that should not be tainted by your lack of help when it comes to overseas medical emergencies, evacuations, natural disasters, accidents, and loss of wallet or passport. Travel insurance is available in several options, including Single Trip or Annual Plans.

How Travel Insurance Works

The losses that occur during travel could be minor, but what if they are significant? Take away the weight of risk and apply for a policy that will cover all accidents and calamities. Benefits vary, providing the flexibility to fit into the needs of your next trip.

When you get a travel insurance plan in Dallas/Fort Worth with Health Guys, you can rest easy on your trip knowing you’re getting the most comprehensive travel insurance coverage for your needs. Whether you need to insure a lot or a little, we can help.

Why HealthGuys

Whether you travel 30 minutes down the freeway for a few nights on the town or an extended trip to the Caribbean, HealthGuys is here to make your getaway come with peace of mind. HealthGuys is a brokerage, meaning we do not sell your information to anyone. We are not a Lead Generation website. The information you provide will stay within our brokerage. We want to earn your business now and in the future. Click “Contact Us” to learn more, or call us at 866-Get-Health (866-438-4325)